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company news about What Is Android Auto and Why Should You Have It in Your Car?

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What Is Android Auto and Why Should You Have It in Your Car?
Latest company news about What Is Android Auto and Why Should You Have It in Your Car?

What Is BMW Android Auto and Why Should You Have It in Your Car?

The 21st century is the safety era in the automotive industry, and most infotainment solutions are made to keep you focused on the road, not on the navigation screen or your phone. Though many carmakers tried hard to keep mobile devices away from the cockpit, it soon became clear that demand is only going up, and the manufacturers' native solutions (like the BMW ConnectedDrive app) do not cope with it at all. That’s how Apple CarPlay appeared, and how we got Android Auto.

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What is Android Auto and how does it work?

Android Auto is software that lets you connect the phone to the vehicle’s infotainment system, and use your favorite apps on the car’s display with the in-built controls. Of course, smartphone functionality is limited to minimize distractions, but the most important features and apps are there to stay:

  • making use of real-time GPS navigation, ETA and travel alerts with Google Maps or Waze;
  • making and answering calls without taking your hands off the wheel, just by giving voice commands (Google Assistant);
  • sending and receiving texts via SMS, WhatsApp, Messenger, etc. (Google Assistant);
  • listening to your favorite music from Spotify, Tidal or radio stations from Pandora, TuneIn, etc.
  • staying in the loop with news apps like the New York Times, ABC, NPR One, etc.
  • checking your calendar, weather, reminders, and so on.
  • Cars with Android Auto allow you to connect your phone to the system wirelessly or via USB. After connecting the smartphone, you have access to more than 200 apps that you can operate using a touchscreen, control knob, steering wheel buttons or Google Assistant. Click here for a full list of available apps.
  • What phones are Android Auto compatible?

    In terms of the wireless connection, the list of Android Auto compatible phones is pretty limited:

    Phone Make and Model Android Version
    Pixel or Pixel XL Android 8.0 or higher
    Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL Android 8.0 or higher
    Pixel 3 or Pixel 3 XL Android 8.0 or higher
    Pixel 4 or Pixel 4 XL Android 10.0 or higher
    Nexus 5X or 6P Android 8.0 or higher
    Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+ Android 9.0 or higher
    Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9+ Android 9.0 or higher
    Samsung Galaxy S10 or S10+ Android 9.0 or higher
    Samsung Note 8, Note 9 and Note 10 Android 9.0 or higher
  • When it comes to the USB connection, also offered by LEADSIGNAUTO's retrofit, your smartphone (be it Samsung, Lenovo, LG or any other brand) just has to run Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or higher. Though it is recommended to start from the 6.0 OS version (Marshmallow) and up, for better performance.

    How do I connect to Android Auto?

    The first step to using all your favorite applications on the iDrive screen is downloading the Android Auto app (if your phone runs Android 10.0, the app is built-in). For a wireless connection, you will need a USB cable for the initial setup. After following the on-screen instructions and completing the initial procedure, you can disconnect the USB cable. With this step behind you, Android Auto will automatically connect your phone to the original system every time you get into the car.

    With phones that support only the USB connection, it’s necessary to plug the Android device into a separate USB socket and hold the menu button until the Android Auto menu pops up.

    How to use Android Auto in your vehicles?

    There are several ways to find your way around Android Auto for your car :

  • Google Assistant: it is usually turned on by “OK, Google” or the Voice button on the steering wheel. With the help of simple commands to Google Assistant, Android Auto will play your favorite music, call your friend or set the destination for the Google Maps route.
  • Steering wheel buttons: without taking your eyes off the road, you can: control the volume, turn on Google Assistant or switch between songs (using the factory original software);use the scroll wheel for jumping to different menu sections or the voice button for Google Assistant (using the Android Auto aftermarket version from LEADSIGNAUTO).
  • Knob controller: by tilting, turning and pressing the wheel you can get around the menu.
  • Touchscreen: available only in the car with touchscreen.
  • The application is very intuitive and convenient, so it’s easy to get the knack of it.

    Why Android Auto is not available in all countries?

    There are tons of stories of people buying a car with Android Auto preinstalled, then finding out that it’s not supported in their country. At present, it’s available in around 36 regions. If you don’t have the application in your Google Play Store, it means your region is not on the list of supported countries.

    But you shouldn’t give up - there is an Android Auto hack (even two) that can turn things around. What you can do is:

  • download the app’s .apk file from the web and install it on your phone
  • use VPN to switch your IP-address to a region where AA is supported and download the app from Google Play Store
  • A little party workaround never killed nobody.

    Android Auto LDS Interface

    If your vehicle is not compatible with the original software, it doesn’t mean that your only option is a cumbersome Android Auto head unit swap. LEADSIGNAUTO LDS interface offers an easy plug & play installation that takes 1-2 hours at most. 

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